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A judgment entered by the trial court does not necessarily put an end to a case. You are entitled to appeal the decision of a trial court judge if you are unsatisfied with the decision and there are causes for appeal. Lawyers at Wang, Gao & Associates handle the following:

  • Civil Appeals
  • Criminal Appeals
  • State Court Appeals
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • Judgment Vacatur & Case Reopening

The litigation lawyers at Wang, Gao & Associates are experienced in handling appeals. Our attorneys will undertake a comprehensive review of the entire record of the trial court and determine whether the trial court made errors that you should take to an appellate court. Our attorneys will develop a comprehensive appellate strategy and provide winning appellate presentations.

Under certain circumstances, a party may motion a court to vacate a judgment and reopen a case. Such circumstances may arise in the event of default judgment, newly discovered evidence, and fraud, among others.