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Criminal defense is another primary practice focus of Wang, Gao & Associates. Wang, Gao & Associates’ criminal practice extends to many types of felony and misdemeanor charges in both federal and state courts:

  • Murder, Robbery, Assault, Extortion, Larceny, Menace, Harassment, Fraud, Drug Crimes, Prostitution, Forgery, DWI/DUI, Money Laundering, Sex Crimes.
  • White-collar Crimes: Embezzlement, Fraud, Bribery, Tax Crimes, Espionage.
  • Federal Felony
  • Bailment
  • Criminal Record Expungement

Drawing on their breadth of knowledge of federal and state criminal laws in New York and New Jersey, the criminal defense attorneys at Wang, Gao & Associates are well known as fiercest defenders as well as strong negotiators. We are ready to step up for you and provide attentive, high-level defense of your rights, whether it be at a state or federal court, a misdemeanor or felony charge, a pre-charge negotiation with the prosecutor or a full-fledged trial in the court.

Our criminal law attorneys mostly deal with and fight against the state and federal prosecutors on behalf of our clients; on other occasions, we work collaboratively with the prosecutors on behalf of the victims in a criminal case and put the perpetrator behind the bars. We also have experience in assisting the U.S. Attorneys’ Office in large scale criminal investigation.

Criminal records can follow a defendant long beyond the day he or she left the courthouse. Prospective employers, landlords, colleges and universities, insurance companies, banks, and mortgage lenders routinely check these records for evidence of a criminal past. The good news is that based on the disposition of your criminal charge and the lapse of time of the disposition, you may be eligible to have the criminal record sealed in New York or expunged in New Jersey. The law provides relief to the offender who has a led a life of rectitude and disassociated himself with unlawful activities.