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At Wang, Gao and Associates, P.C., the dynamic team of experienced Chinese and American lawyers offer a cutting-edge blend of business and corporate law services that allows us to handle matters of any size and complexity.

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Business Formation and Corporate Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Equity Transactions
  • Commercial Lease
  • Business Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Customs Enforcement Actions
  • Antidumping Tariffs

The experienced team of lawyers at Wang, Gao & Associates has a breadth of knowledge of and expertise in American business and corporate law. It has advised and acted as corporate counsel for industrial and service corporations, as well as high-technology companies. From the risk management point of view, a corporation, whether it be a small business or a large company, should establish a feasible and effective system from the startup of the corporation, which covers a full spectrum of business transactions and corporate governance, such as how to define and delineate the boundaries of the rights of the corporation’s shareholders, board of directors, and corporate officers and how to achieve the efficient and reliable control and management of the business operation. Another matter is mostly likely to be ignored during the startup of a corporation, but is often litigated bitterly at a later stage that the shareholders often fail to or are even reluctant to pencil a tactic as to how to get out in the event of any shareholder disputes. The aftermath of shareholder disputes is multiple: who should stay, who would leave, how to value and buy out the departing shareholder’s stocks, and so on and so forth. Shareholder disputes can be costly, but may as well be avoided provided that efficient corporate governance is set up by professional corporate lawyers.

Wang, Gao & Associates, P.C. also provides innovative and practical legal solutions to underperforming or struggling companies. Debt restructuring is an efficient solution to a financially distressed business. Debt restructuring is a mechanism through which the credit obligations are spread out over longer duration with smaller payments. Strategic restructuring allows the business to reduce its outstanding liabilities, obtain better payment terms, and at the same time maintain the business operation.

Our well-rounded attorneys also provide innovative legal solutions to corporate clients in a multitude of fields of commercial law, labor law, intellectual property law, business contracts, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, anti-dumping and tariff related issues, among others. By retaining us as your legal counsel, our attorneys could help you meet your goals by effectively executing both routine corporate matters and high-stakes transactions that require innovative thinking and novel structures.